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Exciting News!

We are pleased to announce two very exciting interviews that we will be featuring in the next issue of The Curiosity Cabinet. First off, we have an interview with award winning author, Matt Haig and we also have an interview with musician Shannen Bamford to coincide with the launch of her new E.P ‘Paper Planes.’  Can’t wait? You can wet your apetitie below:

Matt Haig

British Author and journalist, Matt Haig, has been described as “Delightfully weird” (Gerard Woodward, The Guardian) and so, will fit in perfectly within the pages of The Curiosity Cabinet. Author of ‘The Radleys’, ‘The Dead Fathers Club’ and most recently, ‘The Humans’, Matt has an ability to access the most delicate of human emotions with hilarity and warmth, as well as being a bit odd just to balance it out. He also makes lists, which in my opinion, means he’s a good egg.


Shannen Bamford

Shannen Bamford is singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK. This month sees the release of her first ever E.P. Shannen’s soft, lullaby vocals can be compared to the comforting pitter patter of raindrops on your window pane when you’re drifting off to sleep. Shannen writes her own music and plays several instruments as well as running a popular open mic night in Liverpool based in Central Perk coffee shop. A display of pure talent and dedication to her passion, we can’t wait to get our interview with the beautiful Shannen.