The Curiosity Cabinet is an independent, non-profit e-zine, created by Michelle Keeley, (a Scouser Living in Lancashire) which is available to read for FREE! Our aim is to showcase the best talent from around the world and to bring you news on the best events in the North West of England. We provide a creative space accessible to anyone and everyone, hence our name ‘The Curiosity Cabinet.’

About the Editor.

(C) Darren Cheshire Photography The day me and Dar(C) Darren Cheshire Photography. (2010)

Michelle Keeley is a Scouser Living in Lancashire. She had the idea for Curio when she was having a brew in 2012. After a semi-okay writing career, she decided to set up her own magazine which would be a space for fellow creatives. She sings, reads a lot, loves Vincent Price & has pet hamster.


 Want to be part of the team? 

We are currently looking for like-minded individuals who want to help us run the magazine.

Do you want to have a stab at editing? Do you like designing? Or maybe you’d benefit from some work experience on a platform of creativity. If so, drop us an email with the following heading: CURIOUS HELPER

In the body of your email, answer the following questions:

  1. Why The Curiosity Cabinet Magazine?
  2. Three facts about yourself.
  3. Why should we pick you?
  4. What do you want to do with the magazine?
  5. Your favourite issue so far…

Also tell us your name and where you’re from!


Info on Copyright and some disclaimer stuff

The Curiosity Cabinet Magazine was created and is owned by Michelle Keeley. Don’t be robbing my stuff! Any articles/images/artwork/stories remain the intellectual property of the creator. If you wish to use any of their work, drop me an email and I’ll ask them for you. :) If you come across any images belonging to you that I have not credited, give me an email and I’ll be happy to take it down or if you don’t mind me using it, I can credit the image right away!